image symphonysoldiers replied to your post: “Alex is in the left corner.. kinda laughing probably because Zayn has to deal with fans & he doesn’t.” lol The Cab is practically dead and split eh?

this anon, lolz. the cab’s just been signed to a major label (they dropped fbr last year) and are working on an album for major release next summer, but nice try!

snort. same. i was going to rant, but i couldn’t tell if that last sentence was sarcasm or not? and they never responded back, so i’m assuming they were being an ass.

someone’s gonna yell at me for this but musically, symphony soldier is 10x better than either of 1D’s albums, plus wasn’t it released independently? there was no label attached at that point, nothing but band and fan promo, and it still did great and was considered one of the best albums of 2011 by a lot of indie magazines and critics.

yeah, idk where this nonny got their information, but they were lied to :)

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